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In-depth multimedia story telling has unique requirements; a narrative is structured around key facts supported by a mix of media elements intended to draw readers into the world the journalist is presenting. Combining the pieces into a cohesive story is one of the most exciting aspects of modern journalism and easing the process of creating […]


In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Google Photo Sphere to capture 360-degree photo panoramas and embed them on your website Introduction You use photographs in your stories every day. They help bring a story to life in the way text can’t. With better, faster and cheaper mobile technology, journalists are experimenting with panoramas […]


The basic component of a map is its layers—an individually designed dataset—that are combined together to tell a story. In JEO 1.o and beyond, maps are built utilizing a layers content type which allows editors to more easily reuse the data they mapped.  These layers are organized and configured in combination with a base map that usually consists […]


Color Theory and Mapping It’s important to realize how much your choice of color on a map can affect the story you are trying to tell with your data. As a brief introduction to some theories behind how to use colors on maps, here are three primary scheming designs for mapping data. Sequential Schemes Sequential […]


In this tutorial we will learn how to load data from an external file and we will create a graph with a population area x for the 10 most populous cities in the world.


In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create an animation, it must be a short story that will serve as a teaser to invite the user to get to know the story we want to tell


Most available databases have some element of location to them. According to officers working at the open data portal of the US government, around 90% of their datasets contain geographical information, ranging from streets names to precise coordinates. In this tutorial, we will show the different kind of maps you can use to convey information […]


In this tutorial we will learn how to make a column chart using data in a table and how to customize it with some icons.

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