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The basic component of a map is its layers—an individually designed dataset—that are combined together to tell a story. In JEO 1.o and beyond, maps are built utilizing a layers content type which allows editors to more easily reuse the data they mapped.  These layers are organized and configured in combination with a base map that usually consists […]


Understanding the unique WordPress Content Types created for JEO is a great way to understand how to organize and create content. These content types are defined by the type of information they contain and how they are used throughout a JEO site. There are two main categories of content types used in JEO; one group […]


Introduction Jeo is a WordPress theme that acts as an online platform for geojournalism and allows publication of news articles as layers of information on digital maps. With Jeo, creating interaction between the layers of data and contextual information is much more intuitive. The theme is developed to be a base of  child themes and is […]


Leading media organizations are using Datawrapper, a simple and free tool, to improve their storytelling this way. Datawrapper is an interactive chart app that can be embedded into stories such as this one, which shows the Nigerian government’s proposed budget in 10 charts.

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