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The DustDuino is a customization of Arduino designed to help makers create low-power, highly customizable sensor projects. By basing the system on Arduino, the DustDuino can use “out of the box” block of code to program the device to do a number of tasks. Those blocks of code are known as libraries. For more information and background on Arduino, […]


Why Focus on Particulate Matter? The World Health Organization (WHO) took a major step by announcing that air pollution is carcinogenic to humans.WHO also announced they are considering particulate matter, a major component of indoor and outdoor air pollution, as carcinogenic to humans as well. International Agency for Research on Cancer announced today: outdoor #airpollution is leading […]


What are Field Papers? As this set of tutorials demonstrates, there are many ways to collect data for use in mapping. For most circumstances a smartphone or a GPS unit will provide connectivity in even the remotest of places but each has its limits. This is where field papers can fill the gaps. Using simple […]


Communicating During Crisis The Philippines is an island nation of more than 100 million people living  at the doorstep of climate change. Each year Filipinos face recurring natural disaster; enduring typhoons, severe drought, floods, and coastal erosion. As journalists living in a country where disaster is a fact of life, the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists (which […]


You can easily edit the OpenStreetMap base map that you find at www.openstreetmap.org. And while doing it you will become part of the community of thousands of mappers worldwide who are creating the map together.

Balloon mapping provides individuals or groups with a low-cost means to create a running record of events in map form, one that is temporally accurate and easy to share. 


Ushahidi is a great open-source software for presenting many kinds of information on a map. You can set up an Ushahidi site using Crowdmap which will help you tell a story by bringing together a map with the information and reports you choose to include.

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